Food on the Attack

August 24, 2009

There has been a steady increase in concern with the way food is created in this country, perhaps peaking with then Presidential Candidate Obama mentioning this article by Michael Pollan (and then recanting after there was a backlash).  Michelle Obama white house garden was actually proposed in that article, though most of the other advice (like an end to food subsidies) will probably be ignored.  It has become undeniable and even uncontroversial that Americans don’t eat well, and that the problem stems from too much grain and grain fed meat.  However, what is much less well known is the role of factory farming in MRSA, the antibiotic resistant bacteria that kills more people than AIDs every year in this country. Read the rest of this entry »


Is Cheesecake Factory Gross?

July 17, 2009

Ezra Klein weighs in on why Cheesecake factory is so popular, ultimately concluding:

Foodies have an unfortunate tendency to alight on a Unified Field Theory of Corporate Food: It’s bad for the environment and bad for workers and bad for animals and bad for waistlines and, above all that, a fraud, because it also tastes bad. This would be convenient, if true. If people weren’t actually enjoying what they were eating, then getting them
to change their eating habits would be pretty easy. But it’s not true, of course. They keep going back to the Cheesecake Factory because, well, they like it.

While it is certainly true that people enjoy Cheesecake factory (and I remember their firecracker salmon appetizer being pretty solid) there are other reasons for its popularity than the food quality.
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