A Toe in the Icy Water

Every time I try to think about good titles for my blog I end up stuck on the word Omphaloskepsis, so clearly I have mixed feelings about this whole process.  However, at some point you spend so much time reading everyone else’s opinions that the itch to join the conversation must be scratched.  As sad as this sounds, this is what I do for fun: read obsessively about current events and foreign policy (I had an epiphany about the shape of the rest of my life when I found myself packing Foreign Policy Quarterly as the reading material for a vacation).

Now if your own hobbies are a tad more diverse, never fear I’ll try to keep it spicy by letting my mind wander (and calling in plenty of pinch hitters).


One Response to A Toe in the Icy Water

  1. Catherine says:

    Lovin it!

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